World Book Day 2023 conducted by Suchana


Text books help us in understanding the formal education as well as the knowledge at school standards, but other story books can help in understanding the basic knowledge of words, languages and different other skills for early literacy, it also increases the curiosity and sparks the imagination of children. Story weaver is such a platform where team SUCHANA can prepare the stories for reading aloud with the children in their mother tongue, our Adivashi Language Developers translate many of the stories from story weaver website in santali and konra language. The children were unable to write and read their own mother tongue and the scripts, but after studying these IEC materials published by story weaver helpful for the children in learning their own language. 

Suchana conducted the World Book Day 2023 with the help of team Story Weaver at Suchana office but story weaver team attended it virtually where two of the story tellers read aloud the “The Very Wiggly Tooth ” along with the children participated in the program. In this program few guardians were also present where the importance of the day and importance of reading story  books was delivered to them. Here we attached a few photos of the day. 

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