Pre School

Teaching Programme

The pre-school aims to:

  • Provide foundations to literacy and numeracy in a positive, child-centred learning environment
  • Undertake first language teaching and learning (mainly Santali)
  • Provide an introduction to basic Bengali (the school language)
  • Promote the social, emotional and physical development of children, drawing on  cultural resources such as Santali songs, rhymes and dance, and hands- on learning through play and art
  • Provide foundational experiences of equality.

The pre-school runs on two mornings and two afternoons a week for children in the age group 3-6. It has about 30 members from Santal and Kora communities. The programme includes learning through play, learning hygiene, an introduction to literacy and numeracy, and a nutritious tiffin. Literacy and numeracy is approached through mother tongues – Santali and Kora – using materials developed in-house which use the Bangla script for writing these languages.

Pre school picture