Integrated Technology in Education

Teaching Programme

From 2009, the tuitions courses have offered text-book based study groups twice a week in the vulnerable subjects, Maths and English, for children in classes 5 to 10, and adding Life Science for classes 7 to 10 of the government schools.

The Tuitions programme aims to:

  • Support children in a variety of ways, including practically and emotionally, responding to their progression through school;
  • Provide text book based classes reinforcing school learning;
  • Identify children vulnerable to drop out and offer particular support to stay in school;
  • Ensure that the children have a say in matters related to and involving them, through the ‘Tuition Assembly’.

From 2014, the Tuitions Courses have been taught using an approach promoted by the Tata Trusts: the Integrated Approach to Technology in Education. This exciting and progressive project at one level aims to address the Digital Divide making computer technology available to support learning for those currently excluded. At another level, it aims to revolutionise teaching approaches, using the technology as a tool to centralise the role of student created projects in the learning process. Implementing ITE means facilitating opportunites for students to create their own learning artefacts using technology. Suchana has reached over 1200 students using this approach, and has worked with 11 government schools to support teachers to use these methods in their regular teaching. ITE is also the core approach in five after-school learning centres in remote locations: Suchana teachers use a van to take laptops and other equipment to these adivasi villages in a regular curriculum based tuitions programme.

As of November 2020, the ITE programme is funded by Rukmani Trust.