Suchana UCCS

Suchana: The Uttor Chandipur Community Society

We are a community organisation working since 2004 on rural poverty, focusing on education with the most excluded people: adivasi indigenous people and scheduled castes.

We run a full-time children’s Education Resource Centre which runs a number of programmes and is also a drop-in centre where children come to play and learn.

We also run Learning Centres in 6 other remote locations across Birbhum district, and a mobile library taking books to 25 villages.

We work to:

  • Model and promote quality in education, making the best of local and external resources. We believe that providing poor quality education to the poorest people is not acceptable.
  • Develop teaching and cultural resources supporting the education and identities of the indigenous adivasi children who are the large majority at Suchana.
  • Support creative work and creative thinking.There are a host of reasons why life is a challenge for these children. To survive our newly globalised world on their own terms, they will need to find creative ways to tackle social problems. Suchana’s education framework seeks opportunities for children to take initiative responsibility, and nurture resourcefulness.
  • Sustain healthy bodies for healthy learning and healthy lives. This involves working on nutrition, sanitation, health knowledge, and access to health care through our health workers.
  • Promote social equity, gender equality and community leadership through change at all levels. We prioritise analysis, discussion, and change of everyday actions in our everyday lives.

We work in 15 villages in Birbhum, West Bengal. Our community-based Executive Committee currently employs 24 teachers, 2 volunteer teachers, 1 part time health worker and 3 part time support staff. All teachers are involved in non-teaching activities including developing the programmes.

Suchana: The Uttor Chandipur Community Society is registered under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act XXVI, 1961.Our registration number isS/IL/ 30133 2005-6.
Suchana: The Uttor Chandipur Community Society is registered under the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 2010 (FCRA), registration number 146930056. Therefore, Suchana is permitted to receive foreign funds as donations or grants.
Suchana: The Uttor Chandipur Community Society is exempt from paying income tax, registered under 12AA of the IT Act 1961 No: T-18/16/CIT/BWN/08-09/3921
Indian donors to Suchana UCCS are eligible for tax concessions under 80G: Certificate of Exemption under 80G of the IT Act 1961 No: T-18/16/CIT/BWN/08-09/3925