Health Project

Cross-cutting Programme

The Health Programme aims to:

  • Ensure that children are physically healthy (in the context of learning).
  • Address health challenges in the community.
  • Promote sanitation and hygiene within Suchana and beyond.

Suchana’s health worker attends ELG sessions conducting basic health checks for all the children, treating cuts and bruises, controlling nits, trimming nails and teaching basic health and hygiene. She also accompanies the mobile library visits to conduct basic health checks among children and adults in those villages.

The health project also

  • promotes latrine use,
  • hosts occasional health camps for eye checks, general pediatric checks and dental check up,
  • supports the treatment of complex issues with logistical facilitation in referral centres in Kolkata,
  • holds occasional reproductive health workshops with adolescents,
  • supports vegetable gardening for nutrition supplementation at one local primary school and in the Suchana ERC.
Toilets donated by ‘ITI Sydney’