Register of Systems

Friends of Suchana

Register of Systems

This is a record of how we process and manage the data we hold on our donors.

Holding and processing this data is necessary for us to have your consent (lawful basis for holding the data we have on you):

  • To maintain communication with you as you have requested to have communication with us.
  • If you have agreed to donate to us and we need to keep a record of your details for our own account business.

Where we store data:

All our information is held in our shared Google Drive Account.  This information is accessible only to Trustees and also Kirsty Milward, co-founder of Suchana Community.

We also hold paper copies of certain bits of information about you such as the gift aid forms that you have completed.  These are filed either at the address of Friends of Suchana, where they are usually received or at the long term storage arrangement that we have with Urmila Rajkhowa who is a trustee of the charity.

We, as individual trustees are responsible for ensuring that any data we collect about you during our work for Friends of Suchana is transferred from our personal computers to the shared drive and deleted from our personal computers if our only connection with you is through the charity.

We have an account with MailChimp that allows us to collect your data in one place and send out information to you such as Newsletters and fundraising campaigns that you might be interested in.  

You may unsubscribe to this system whenever you choose, this action will inform us that you no longer wish to have a connection with us and we will remove your data from all of our systems.  You may also do this through contacting at anytime and we will endeavour to meet this request as soon as we reasonably can.

MailChimp has its own GDPR process protecting your information.  

Anna Binnie-Dawson

November 2018